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Pronghorn Advisors provides strategic and executable plans as well as customized funding solutions and program management to companies and non-profits ranging from high growth to mature organizations.  Through our knowledge and partnerships we are uniquely positioned to assist with your next steps.

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We believe in quantifying results.

Of course, we didn’t interview the horse, but we like to hear it from the horse’s mouth. Customize surveys and stakeholder interviews, along with business analysis tools, provide actionable next steps for your organization and keep you on the path of success.

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Lara’s career took her to Portland Oregon where she was the operations manager for a hedge fund, then a director of a startup that specialized in email marketing during the dot-com era where she managed accounts for Nike, Nintendo, Warner Brothers and Intel.  Having learned marketing from some of the best brands in the business she wanted to round out her skills with a degree in finance. She received her MBA from Tulane University, then move to New York where she first worked in Strategy Consulting. She then built a software platform in Fixed-Income Research at Morgan Stanley Institutional Securities that was integrated into their e-trading platform. Next, she managed a business in Foreign Exchange that sold swaps on hedge funds with an AUM of $210M. Upon returning to Montana, she has chosen to focus her time on ventures that align with her commitment to environmental solutions.


COO platform for swaps on hedge funds @morganstanley

fundraiser & revenue driver @independent consultant

COO fixed-income research technology @morganstanley

angel & director @yesmail (@once)

product manager fixed income analytics @morganstanley

general manager @trellus management company

tech strategy consultant @bearingpoint

skier @where the powder is

about lara

about lara

Lara is an experienced executive with a reputation for practical solutions and making things happen.  Having worked in start-ups, top tier consulting firm and investment banking she has built a skill set that spans strategy, marketing, operations, technology management and finance.  She has excelled in creating new ventures both within large corporations and stand alone.

"Lara has been critical in helping us understand our funding path. She assisted in structuring a convertible note and continues to guide us into new ideas about leveraging our technology."

- CEO Huntsoft
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